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past activities handout

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or past progressive).
1. When I (do) __________ the washing-up, I (broke) __________ a plate.
2. While Tom (play) ___________ the piano, his mother (did) ______________ the washing-up.
3. He (drink) _____________ some juice and then he (eat) _____________ a few chips.
4. I (have) ___________ dinner when I suddenly (hear) ________________ a loud bang.
5. When my father (work) _____________ in the garden, an old friend (past) ____________ by to see him.
6. She (go) ___________ to school, (take) _____________ out her textbook and (begin) ___________ to learn.
7. When it (start) _____________ to rain, our dog (want) _____________ to come inside.
8. When Jane (do) ____________ a language course in Ireland, she (visit) _______________ Blarney Castle.
9. When I (be) ______________ on my way home, I (see) ________________ an accident.
10. I (not/understand) _______________ what they (talk) __________________ about.
11. When I (get) ______________ up yesterday, the sun (shine) __________________
12. It (be) ______________ a beautiful morning. So I (decide) _______________ to cycle around a little.
13. After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly (appear) _________________ and it (start) ________________ to rain.
14. Luckily, a farmer (notice) ________________ me and (tell) ________________ me to come in.
15. While it (rain) _______________ outside, I (sit) _________________ in the farmer's house.

activity handout


I. You and your friend are talking about what you do in your free time, like and dislikes about music. Complete the conversation. (12 POINTS)

ANDREW : What ___________ of music____________ you like ?
You : I_____________________rock a lot. What about you?
ANDREW : I really love pop. My favorite singer is Madonna.
You : Oh! I don´t like______________very much.
ANDREW : That´s too bad. Well, What _________ you think of jazz?
YOU : I love _______ . It´s my favorite kind of music
ANDREW : Really? What about dancing? ____________________ do you go dancing?
YOU : I go dancing every Saturday night.
ANDREW : And do you ever play any sports?
YOU : Yes, I ___________ . I practice tennis on Saturdays
ANDREW : And _________________do you play tennis?
YOU : Pretty well, I guess
ANDREW : Oh! There ´s a Gonzalez’s tennis game on TV tonight. ____________you like to
watch it with me?
YOU : I´d like to but I _________________to ___________________

II.- Complete the sentences with the correct pronoun.
1.- Julia Roberts is my favourite actress. I like ___________ a lot.
2.- Comedies are not very interesting. Do you like ____________?
3.- Ellen can’t stand the actor Tom Cruise. What do you think about ________?
4.- I think Willy Smith is a very good actor. I really like____________
5.- Fall Out Boys have some wonderful songs. I like __________very much.
6.- My favourite kind of music is jazz. I love __________

III.- Read the article, then check the correct answers.

Audrey Tautou
Audrey Tautou is a young French actress. She has fans around the world. Here are some interesting things about Audrey’s life and career.
1978 Audrey is born in Beaumont in France.
1980 and 1990 Audrey acts in plays (especially comedies) in high school. After that, she goes to acting school. She wins the prize “Best Newcomer” for her acting on French TV (1999).
2000 – 2002 Audrey acts in many movies, including Voyous Voyelle (2000). Then she plays a young woman called Amelie in a movie of the same name. Amelie (2001) is in French, but the film is abig international hit. Audrey becomes popular in many countries, including the United States. Audrey also acts in a film called God is Great, I’m not (2002).
2003 Audrey has a big year. She acts in the Spanish Apartment and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. She also acts in Dirty Pretty Things. This is the first time she speaks English in a movie.

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